Welcome to the Tanning Zone Experience

People who know tanning, choose Tanning Zone.   Tanning Zone is determined to attract and keep customers.  We have tanning beds suitable for all skin types.  We want our customers to achieve maximum results each and every time they walk through our door.  We change our bulbs at half life; this gives our customers better results in a shorter amount of time.  Tanning Zone is the ONLY salon in Lincoln to guarantee results!

Our prices are competitive.  We offer weekly specials for customers who want to tan without signing a contract and our VIP program is excellent for customers who enjoy tanning  regularly.  Our packages can be purchased two ways: sessions and unlimited.  Sessions packages can be used at your convenience and don’t expire for two years.  Unlimited packages are time specific.  Buying a sessions or unlimited package allows our customers to get more for their money.  Purchasing a package with minutes allows for odd leftover minutes that make the customer have to buy more or lose the minutes completely.

Tanning Zone has been voted one of the Top 250 Salons for the last three years. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our customers who trust us with all of their tanning needs.